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  • You’re using .$parent or .$root to access data attributes from children.
  • You’re passing nearly your entire data object to child components.
  • You’re avoiding…

  • Good indentation and syntax highlighting for PHP, Vue, Twig, Blade, Javascript, and Scss files. It even shows 4-space indentation in a reasonable way.
  • Reasonable, asynchronous code completion for PHP and JavaScript thanks to language specific completion engines.
  • Asynchronous code linting while you’re typing.
  • Support for Emmet and Editorconfig.
  • I didn’t include any ‘fuzzy open file` plugin like ctrlp.vim, denite, or fzf.vim. …

Charting the rise and fall of smartphone functionality

  • /home contains home directories.
  • /bin contains executables (originally for binaries.) There’s also /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin, /usr/local/bin, and /usr/local/sbin.
  • /media or /mnt is where temporary drives (USBs, DVDs, network shares) show up.
  • /etc is where system configuration files live.
  • /var is mostly used as a place applications may store files, caches, or logs. …

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